Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day #22 :Keep YOU. kick ED!

Recovery is worth everything it takes to get there but I have to say it is truly the most loveliest feeling in the world  to be free and to be finally finding myself again.

I lost my identity some time ago.  Bullying changed me and caused me to hate myself. I carried so much self-blame and it has been such a challenge for me to not view myself through the unpleasantness of that experience. To really feel deep in my heart that I am not how they (the bullies) caused me to feel about myself and to know that I am so much more than an eating disorder has been a long journey.
Who I really am slowly has been coming through me a little more each and everyday. My likes and dislikes have become become evident, my passions and  hopes all filter through me now that an ED is no longer running the show.  I am enjoying the process of self-discovery so very much these days :)

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