Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day #10: Only words?

Five words that relate to your Eating Disorder.
Five words that relate to your Recovery.
Why are they important and how are they relevant?

Eating disorder      

Loss - of myself and so many other things.
Entrapment - within a battle between myself
Fear - that I somehow won't beat it.
Self-hatred - never feeling good enough.
Death - a slow one from the inside out.

Self-worth - I am more than an ED and the awful things it makes me feel.
Strength - to keep going no matter what it takes. 
Freedom - To enjoy the little things -  blueberry muffins and shoes for example.
Truth- where honesty replaces distortion.
Life - to be present in it...

There are so many words that can be associated with both an ED and recovery. In the end I came to view my own personal experience relative to only two words: Death and Life. These two words are such polar opposites and such a heavy crossroad to face. Thankfully, in the end I put myself on the most favourable path... :)   


  1. You summed up it perfectly. Found your blog by chance and enjoyed my visit!

  2. You are so inspiring angel <3