Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day # 11: I want you to understand that…

As one other lovely lady put it:

You are your own white knight.  Everything you require to recover resides within you and YOU alone.  

I prayed many nights to the universe to save me. I wished for a magic pill I could consume that would take anorexia away from me.  I looked far too much to others and outside forces for help and answers. It got me

I found that the golden opportunity that you seek is in yourself, it is not in luck or in your environment but in the strength, persistence and determination  that you carry within yourself to get well and stay well.

Recovery depends on one person. Just you. Ride on.

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  1. "Everything you require to recover resides within you and YOU alone"

    this is so true. we always try to find someone to save us when we have everything we need - we just need to find out how to uncover them ; ) this post is beautifully said ; )