Tuesday, 30 December 2014

It Was a Very Merry Christmas

I’ve been ill with colds for some time before the Christmas break so it was a welcome relief to bounce back to health and enjoy the festive season. My work gave me a few days off so I could head home.
In Australia it is always the middle of summer when December 25th comes around and I love reading about fellow bloggers experiences of winter Christmases.  I would love to experience a white Christmas some day and exchange beaches, ice-cream and barbeques for fireplaces, eggnog and snow! It all looks so amazing! One day, one day!

My Christmas was super lovely spent with my most treasured loved ones and a cute little kitty.
George the cat in his Santa hat
Mum's impressive fish pond Christmas light show (hehe!)
 My gorgeous great Aunty Jude
My mum brought me this ‘France Pig’.  

In 2015 I hope to:

Save more money
Update my employment
Keep creating with flowers – I love floristry so much
Have peace, health, love, joy, freedom 



  1. Love all the pictures! I do enjoy the snow and everything during Christmas and hope one day you will be able to experience that too ;) I wouldn;t mind having the warm weather though because I hate the cold weather soooooo much!!!

    I'm glad your cold is gone and you were able to enjoy the holidays! And that fish pond looks spectacular!

    I love the resolutions and I really enjoy seeing all of the flower stuff you do that you post on facebook, it is all so beautiful and creative! You really have a talent for that! What inspired you to start doing that?

  2. Jenn!!!

    Maybe we can do a house swap one year and you can have an Aussie Summer Christmas and I can travel to America and enjoy the snow.

    I just kind of fell into the whole flower thing. I cannot explain it but it feels so good to have found a hobby/creative outlet that I have so much joy doing.

    Much love & will speak to you soon xo

  3. I hope and wish for all those things for you as well - and I love the blog's name change by the way. It certainly feels apt for someone who is blooming in every way - and I love that your newfound talent for floristry reflects that too, not only in your flourishing creativity but in the fact that it's literally, actually flowering! Happy new year xxx

    1. You have the most dearest heart Cheryl and I thank-you for all your kindness.

      Your words really means a great deal to me so THANK-YOU!!!

      Wishing you wonderful things in the new year!