Monday, 8 September 2014

My Heart is Open and I Can Finally Breathe!

It is in entirely different place that I initially planned/expected for myself and my life that I have found myself the most.
Over the past few years I have been in a job that’s not my ideal (and didn’t spend years studying for) and have lived in place so far removed from what I thought I most wanted to be.
I have learned that when you are entirely out of your comfort zone (and disconnect from all the otherwise superficial elements of living) you have only yourself to fall back on upon.  
And it’s in this very dynamic that I have evolved back into my true self – eating disorder less and less included.


  1. i love these kinds of moments!

    oh how i've missed you and your blog!!!! I took some time away because i have been so busy but i'm back and can't wait to read again! :)

    1. My dearest Jenn,

      words cannot express how much I have missed you but am glad that you have so many wonderful things in your life keeping you busy.

      I cannot wait to until you start writing again!