Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hello friends,

I've had to change my blog URL address to fairwell a stalker. 'Fun times'. But I hope this message finds you and that I am still linked in with you guys?  

I have been struggling with this situation for awhile and my greatest fear with changing my URL address was that it may mean losing touch with all of you lovely people whom I need and LOVE so dearly. 

Hoping this isn't so :(



  1. I found you!!!!
    I was so worried when I clicked on your link and your page was gone... but I am glad I found the new one! ; ) I hope you are doing okay and whoever you were having a problem with will go away. People are annoying and dumb :(

    1. Oh I am SO glad Jenn! Phew...a whole lot of drama lately that I just didn't need.♥♥♥