Friday, 15 June 2012


I have been reading a book over the past few weeks which has really opened my eyes to the importance of a healthy diet and most significantly, that health and beauty are  intrinsically linked. I was always very self-conscious of what an eating disorder was doing to me physically and at my age I wanted to be glowing instead of falling apart physically.  A contradiction about EDs is that they are a means of enhancing your looks when the  reality is  that the disease only ravishes your appearance.  A healthy diet  therefore is the  best beauty tool!

Lately I have began what I can loosely term a detox.  Uni was stressful at times, especially around exam time and  and I picked up some bad habits throughout. I drank far too much coffee, more alcohol than perhaps I should have (catching up for lost time) and my overall my diet was poor. I've recently began a huge overhaul of my lifestyle such as drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables, cutting back on coffee and sugar, dry body brushing and also as many Epsom salt baths as I can manage.   I feel amazing, I look better and I am very determined to keep going although I am really missing my daily lattes so so badly!

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  1. i've heard of epsom salt baths... do they really work?

    i notice that when i cut out diet soda and coffee and all that nonsense and drink more water - i feel so much better. but it's hard because i love my coffee and diet soda. it's annoying when the things that aren't good for us are so addicting.