Saturday, 23 June 2012


I understand just how tough recovery can be but I also understand that recovery is possible and most crucially, worth the struggle it takes to get there.  There is something to be gained from the commitment to the fight against an eating disorder and it is the most important and precious thing you will ever own - your life.  You just have to keep fighting and never give up.
I found this piece of writing awhile ago which really touched me personally as I could relate it to my own personal battle with an eating disorder and the interal struggle that fighting for recovery can entail. (Please note I didn't write it and have attached the link to the writer below). 
Fighting For My Life

My enemy wishes victory, so I must battle on,
She is cunning, ardent and strong.
The battle is bloody and heated, with no time to breathe,
I pray that she will finally give up and just leave.
She thrusts at me, her sword slashing, making me bleed,
She screames," Just surrender, bow down to me, let me lead!"
I curse that she exists, she continues to cross the line,
We both want to dominate, no common ground do we find.
I fight to maintain, she fights for change,
If she wins, total chaos will reign.
If she becomes the victor, devastation will be left in her wake,
So I must battle on for sainty's sake.
Restless, unsatified, questing for freedom, she fights to get free,
But I must fight and hold this sad entity, deep inside of me.

Never give up

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  1. How have I missed all your other posts?? You are so right. The fight is worth it. xx