Sunday, 17 June 2012

End ♥

There is an end to an eating disorder. But it isn’t an overnight process; it’s any ending that comes in time and in your own way.  It is important to trust yourself and your process in any way it unfolds. I think recovery can depend on that tiny bit of your authentic self that holds on and fights when all else seems lost. 
 My ending came when I learnt how to cultivate and expand on this ‘inner light’ that anorexia could never entirely consume. It’s almost as though a tiny part of my true self stood up amongst the darkness of an ED and said “we aren’t going down like this anymore Kylie, put your fighting gloves on because shit’s about to go down.”
And shit went down big time J
I never gave up believing in and fighting for better days ahead and because of this I made it to my ending of anorexia hell and ultimately the beginning of my life once again. I am still trying to adjust to this new chapter and in a small way still remain unfinished,   but it is a chapter I am so grateful to begin.
I feel so blessed to have had people who have loved and supported me.  I love my family and my closest friends. I love you guys who are also recovering; you all inspire me every day!  These days I am just grateful to be here.

1 comment:

  1. I connect completely to that spirit.
    And when people say; how did you do it?
    I say, I just did.
    I know a thousand others who are the same..
    I just decided this had to change.
    You have done an amazing job :)