Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day #20: The sound of silence


It's an eating disorder's partner in crime.

Through silence the havoc of the disease continues.

Without it,  hope exists and recovery begins.

There are two different kinds of silence.

Your own,  for reasons such confusion and shame.

And then there is the silence that that surrounds in society.

I used to think to myself  "THIS IS MY LIFE slipping through my fingers and I don't have time for stigma and another brush aside!"

"I don't have the patience for another person to tell me just to eat something an get over it."

"I certainly don't have time for silence anymore!"

Eating disorders kill just as surely as cancer but for some reason we are made to feel we don't matter as much.

But we do. Damn it, we do.

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  1. i love the conviction in this post!

    and my favorite line is "Without it, hope exists and recovery begins"