Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day #2: Top 10 reasons to fight for recovery/stay recovered...

1.       I value my life, even more so now and I’ll never allow an ED to take my life from me. 

2.       I owe it to the people who love and have supported me.

3.       For my grandfather. I will never forget my beautiful pop crying at the sight of me. Before he passed away he told me that if I finished my university degree he would be so proud.  Graduation is at the end of this month and I will be sure to have a big breakfast.

4.       I want long hair. With an ED it never grew.

5.       A fulfilling career requires recovery. I hope to get into the field of forensic psychology one day, I’m still working on it.

6.       Travelling to France and following the trail of Joan of Arc.

7.       Love and relationships.  I want to be with someone I love completely and not off in outer space.  Bring back the stomach butterflies.

8.       Recovery means I am a survivor, and I refuse to be a victim or a statistic of bullying or an ED.

9.       Meeting new people and learning new things everyday about myself and life in general.   All an ED ever informed me of was self-hatred, isolation and despair.

10.    Happiness.  Joy and an ED can never co-exist.

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  1. yay! i am so glad you are gonna do this too! : )
    i love your first two posts, and i know that you are gonna achieve all 10 of these things. you deserve them, and you are a strong, beautiful, and inspiring woman.