Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day #17: Attitude makeover

My attitude makeover goal is to cease dwelling so much and begin living more in the present moment. To reflect on the past is important particularly with eating disorder recovery,  It's necessary to heal and to move forward,  but at times I find myself getting stuck.  My  memories can haunt me and can often colour my present days in a unpleasant shade of grey and I am currently working not allowing all that is behind me impact upon what is 'now'.

I used to DREAM of being well and now I am! I have my life back instead of focusing on the pain of what I lost through my ED experience, I want to wholeheartedly appreciate the gifts it gave me. I am blessed because the sad reality is many people lose their lives to this disease. I've got mine. I have people who love and believe in me. And I am firmly behind the steering wheel of my own life again. In the end that is all I've ever wanted and I endeavour to cut back on the self-pity parties I throw myself from time to time and actually enjoy my 'recovered' life. 

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