Sunday, 17 July 2011

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  1. I have been reading through your posts and I find them very honest, real, and your words are words that are in my very thoughts (funny how us girls in recovery know each other so well even if we haven't met.)

    You sound like a strong, beautiful, determined girl and I know you are going to get out of this "in between" period or being sick and being recovered. It's a place that I am still trying to find my way out of. I think sometimes, we think that as soon as the behaviors stop and we are doing better - we should be recovered(!) and we ARE... but it also comes with the task of trying to find who we are without the ed, and it can be a process for sure! But I know you will get through it, just as I know I will get through it.

    We just gotta keep going and reaching out to others who can help us on this next step in our journey ;0