Sunday, 30 March 2014

Blessed ♥

An Australian Eating Disorders/Recovery support organisation recently made a heartfelt tribute to a young woman who died from an ED.
To see this reality (and that people do in fact die from such an illness) strangely put me in a degree of shock.
Although I do remember walking that fine line between death and life with my own ED, my path thankfully changed and I recovered.
But sadly and heartbreakingly so, not all of us make to the other side.  
It is a fact that EDs have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and it is therefore important to recognize just what a magnificent feat it is to have made it through even if this means still working through the ever-changing waves of recovery.
I have felt at times rather silly with regards to the things I think, feel and deal with today at this point in my journey to wellness, however recovery in all its ups and downs is a blessing unfortunately not bestowed upon all of us.
In moments of despair, frustration, loneliness etc... its vital to remember just how lucky you are to still be here at all and to be so grateful.


  1. Someone recently directed me to a site dedicated to a woman who lost a long battle with anorexia and I had that same reaction of shock. I * know* it happens, and yet it still hit me hard. Too close to home I think. Thanks for the reminder to remain present and remember why recovery is so important. We are worth living.

    onebreath @

    1. I am so glad someone else feels the same way my dear! I mean, we shouldn't be shocked but for some reason we do become rattled by the reality of such an illness (even if we are recovering from it ourselves).

      We are worth living!

      Thank-you for always being so supportive and kind.