Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Wings Can Be Lonely In The Beginning

I once had a degree of naivety when it came to my own struggle.  I believed that as soon as I reached a certain weight my life would fall into its rightful place.  I eventually found that I was mistaken. But it’s the ‘living again’ part and adjusting to ‘butterfliness’ that is ones truest test of strength and determination.  If it wasn’t for some of my friends particularly from the blogging community the loneliness and isolation would have been unbearable. I’ve really needed this place to write and to interact with others. It really saved me from myself during many nights of tears and frustration. I am truly so very grateful. Thankfully the seasons change and it all gets easier and much better.  Thankfully the hard parts don’t last forever. And thankfully, I've had so many people touch my life and inspire me to  keep trying and never give up.


  1. Oh this brought tears to my eyes! You are so strong, inspiring, gorgeous! I can totally relate to some things you wrote here. I sometimes feel lonely and think that my life will be better when I reach my new goal weight.

    Please remember that I believe in you and no matter how you feel or what you are going you, you are never alone.

    I adore you, beautiful butterfly!

    1. Thank-you sweetie. I adore you back! xo