Monday, 9 December 2013


I feel so much better in myself than I did this time last year, and the year before that and so on. This recovery business is a long process that cannot be rushed but worked upon everyday with faith, hope, resilience and determination. I am so grateful for the love, support and understanding that others have shown me. 2013 has been a strange and eventful year.  For a large majority of the time I felt stuck in many areas of my life and development.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was positively changing in a deeply impactful and permanent way. In recent years I struggled with my identity (or lack thereof) following my illness.  But I can happily say that I no longer feel empty or so alien from myself.  I am much more intact and cheerful. The greatest strides forward in recovery can be a matter of timing and new experiences.  For me 2013 has been full of major steps forward that I wasn’t aware I was taking at the time leaving me grateful and pleasantly surprised as the year comes to a close.


  1. I can hear the positivity and growth flowing through this post and I love it! You inspire me and give me hope. It is amazing how we sometimes can only see our accomplishments in retrospect.

  2. Thank-you kindly sweetie xoxoxo

  3. I am so proud of you.
    You are so beautiful and amazing,
    You inspire me with every single word.

    Although I am struggling , I still try because I have hope.
    You give me hope.

    I love you always <3 xo

  4. Oh my Sil, I do love you.
    This is such a compliment to me - you give me HOPE too!