Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Wrong Career Ladder

Following university I have struggled considerably. I received so many knock backs from potential employers that I ended up losing count. Whist I was studying at uni I worked really hard with much optimism and  faith about my future career prospects.
But uni and the real world differ enormously. The real world is when you have hundreds of people competing for the same jobs as you. Reality can be hard and at times downright spirit destroying, and I fell into a  depression as a result.
I then landed a job working in a shoe store that I applied for randomly to which I took wholeheartedly because when you are on the brink of losing all faith in yourself (and not to mention broke!) any job seems worthwhile. 
It wasn't until a few months of working in my new position that I came to the stern realisation that I didn't study to become a shoe salesperson and that I was actually pretty miserable. I had no ambition of becoming a retail manager although the suggestion had been thrown my way a number of times by the company I work for.
The ladder in retail is pretty straightforward and I have no intention of climbing it.  I only want to find the right opportunity for me to get off the wrong ladder and get on the right one which makes me happy. 

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  1. Good for you for taking your time - there's no need to rush into a decision and you'll probably make a better choice if you allow yourself the space to find what you love.

    onebreath @