Saturday, 1 June 2013


If someone has something negative to say about the way you look, breathe. Breathe and remind yourself that it isn’t your job to be visually appealing.
Remind yourself that when someone makes a judgement, it is very rarely about you and almost entirely about them and their own insecurities and limitations.
Breathe, again and again, and know that beauty isn’t something you owe the world.
It isn’t a price you pay for taking up space.
It isn’t some compensation for the mistakes you’ve made or the faults other people believe you bear.
And it isn’t something other people get to define for you.
Breathe and know that you are on this earth for so much more.
Know that your worth has never been and will never be tied to the way you look.
Breathe and know that you don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to feel good enough.
You are important and you matter, regardless of your appearance, and if someone fails to recognize that, it’s their problem, not yours.
 -Daniell Koepke


  1. Wow! This made me cry. I think I am a bit over-sensitive.

    I love you <3 xo

    1. These words are so incredibly powerful. You are not over-sensitive at all - I almost had the same reaction.

      Hope things are ok ( I noticed you have disappeared on facebook).

      MUCH love xo

  2. That's beautiful!
    It's so true. My mum often says to me 'why are you friends with your friends?' My answer is never to do with what they look like. So basically she is saying that is how other people view me.
    the problem comes when you only feel worth your bones and nothing else.
    recovery is only possible when you recover the you inside.
    fantastic blog. an inspiration. xxxxx

    1. Hi Katie!

      Everything you say is so true! Thank-you for your beautiful words, I appreciate them greatly.

      Keep walking that yellow brick road, I just know you will get to Emerald City very soon.

      Wishing you well in your recovery xoxoxo

  3. You so often post messages that speak right to my soul - thank you for that. To be able to live this message... that is my goal

    1. Hello lovely,

      Thank-you kindly. To live this message is also my goal! Great minds think alike. I find many of these amazing words here: