Friday, 8 February 2013

I Just Love My Bed

For some reason my body cannot seem to keep up with what others seem to effortlessly do at work.
Over the past few weeks I have experienced a strange sense of overwhelming tiredness regardless of what I eat.  The  aftermath of my illness can make many things just that little bit more difficult and it can be a struggle that I find many people don't understand (recovered means all better right?)
I have learnt  that functioning is not based solely on having a full belly but also on rebuilding a new kind of  mental and physical strength, and this can take some time.
All I need is time...and plenty of rest.


  1. You know I found the same <3
    And it is frustrating and as you said to me, you can but try and I know what I fighter you are.
    I love you <3

  2. More than your love for your bed, you really need to sleep to feel better. I hope you’re well now, Kylie-Rose. When one is sick, he or she needs to get lots of rest to recuperate. And in those moments, your bed will be your best buddy. Take care! =) Brad @