Wednesday, 2 January 2013

30 is the New 20!

I am petrified of turning thirty years old this year. I mean the big 3-0! Where did time go?
Bloody hell.
A person said to me the other day "you better start thinking of settling down Ky. Tick-tock and all. Do you want children? Marriage?" This remark I have to admit completely flawed me.
The honest truth is all I really want at this point in my life is really cool shoes and a equally awesome career. I really hope there is nothing wrong with that. I just don't feel ready for anything else just yet regardless of what birthday I am approaching.
My developmental path as a person has been a whirlwind to say the least. I developed an eating disorder at the age of 14 and it took me ten years of recovery, replase, confusion, misguided treatment,  a lawsuit, and then finally a great counsellor  and a hell of alot of persistence and hard work until I finally recovered and was 'free' at 24. I then went to university and then a few years I am now.
I need some time to breathe.
I always feel like I am running to catch up on things but not sure of what I am trying to catch up on.  Maybe other people's expectations and not my own?
Well screw that. This is MY life.


  1. i love this post!!!!

    i didn't start living my life without my ed until i was 29/30 years old (two years ago) and that is when my life really began - so i love to hear you say these things because age doesn't matter and 30 is still so young!

    you have turned into a strong beautiful woman who is gonna ROCK her 30's - i just know it!!

    1. Aww, Jenn. I have been so happy to hear from you again recently. I have missed you SO much and hope things are going ok. You have never been far from my thoughts throughout the last half of 2012...

      Well thank goodness someone else can relate to this post. As soon as 2013 began I have been freaking out more and more about approaching 30. However you are so right in saying that age really doesn't matter - all that matters is that we are well and happy and these things can take time and practice!

      Thanks again xxx Much love to you always hun xo

  2. Well said, my beautiful friend. You are on your way. People will always judge and say that you move too 'slow' or too 'fast', but YOU are on your way and they do not know the meaning of what you want. They do not understand what they do not know, so they can say what they like because the only thing that matters is that you do what makes you happy. The only thing that truly matters is that you reach all YOUR dreams and that you can live and breathe the life YOU dream of.

    I love you so much xo

  3. My darling Sil,

    Thank-you sweetie for these beautiful words.

    As usual I am so grateful that I have you as my treasured friend.

    I love you more xo