Thursday, 6 December 2012

Can I ask you all a question?

There is a young woman who works at a Cafe I frequently visit and she appears to have an eating disorder (incredibly thin, always chewing gum). This observation of mine was somewhat more confirmed to me this morning as I noticed abrasion marks on two of her knuckles as she served me.  
When you are in this kind of situation do you reach out to the person and ask them if they are okay or do you just mind your own business?
How would you react if a stranger expressed concern for you?  Have any of you found yourself in a similar situation?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this one ladies.


  1. That is a tough spot Kylie-Rose.... I think what I would do, and what I would have wanted done, if I were in a similar situation... Next time you see her, hopefully you can sit in her section again. When you leave her tip, you could also leave a little note. Something like "You are not alone." and the web address for a few useful ED resources?

    1. Oh thank-you for this my friend. You have given me some great ideas here and I am very grateful. The young woman concerned seems very confident in herself almost as if nothing is of concern to her. This was very different to how I was when I was really unwell. I still am unsure if I will say anything? Thanks again hun xo