Thursday, 15 November 2012

She decided...xx


  1. As always, loving the quote images you find!

    A little something for you:

    1. Thank-you Purple Dreamer. I always think of you too when I find these quotes/images because you seem to like them just as much as I do!! I am heading to the above link you attached now - xx

  2. I would start with myself only if I deserved that kind of love, but I don't. Beautiful quote, anyway <3

    Thank you for your sweet comment. It's really nice to know that somebody likes what I do. Although my songs will never be heard, making music and writing songs is what still keeps me alive. And I feel that it's not me the one who sings. It's my soul.

    Thank you for every single word. You're a true beautiful soul.
    I love you <3 xoxo