Thursday, 11 October 2012

Week 13: Image Inspiration

"Trauma is survivable, but not much more. It kills you while allowing you to still live." 

I thought about these words for some time and concluded that they pretty much sum up my whole experience of anorexia. Time stands still.  But it can’t forever otherwise no one would ever recover.

What I find so humbling is walking out of that place where time stood still for far too long.

Now is the time to:
Wear my gold hoop earrings that I have always kept only for special occasions
Go to the places I've always wanted to go
Wear a bikini to the beach and feel good about my body
Read all the books I want
Paint my nails red
Talk to people instead of shying away
Wear beautiful clothes everyday
Go to concerts
Eat what I want
Watch Johnny Depp movies on repeat 

Now is glorious in more ways than I can express! And I hope people always believe in themselves and continue to work towards recovery for that very reason.


  1. I love the image and I adore her work :)
    I love reading about your freedom angel.
    Sorry I am so far behind.
    I am free as a bird after next Thursday :)
    And I love the job interview post.
    I often feel like that.
    Stay strong angel pie <3

  2. Darling Rache, thank-you for your words of love. Means a great deal to me as always. Please don't worry yourself about being super busy. I too am so pleased you are enjoying yourself and met Lady Gaga again. Hope things are well xo