Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy days

Recently  I was leisurely sitting in the sunshine and sipping coffee in the backyard.   I had read every book and magazine I had at the time so instead amused myself with the only materials I had surrounding me at the time - some rubble.  I simply pieced together my name (yes I was bored) and took this photograph...
You might be thinking "well big deal Kylie, my three year old brother made something similar the other day...!"(And this may be true). But for me personally this image represents much more than just a bunch of stones and/or a rather poor attempt at artwork. 
Tragedy, trauma and/or an eating disorder can turn a person and a life to rubble -  it surely did mine. Devastation, torn down into nothingness, the bottom - I was there.  
The story has a happy ending however because I managed to pull myself through and out of this dark place and construct an identity and a life for myself again. 
This is one of my most precious and proudest achievements to date -  to  recover and re-emerge out of the broken mess that my past had me in.  Today I am happier than I have been in a long time because I've got me and I am free. Life is grand 


  1. You know what, I love those random things.
    Yet clearly in your mind and you found a way of expressing and articulating what you went through.
    I love you darling friend <3

    1. Thanks Rache, I love you too sweet girl xo

  2. So inspiring.... from the wrecks of rubble to rays of sunshine. I am loving the expression here, the picture, and am so happy to hear you are happy! <3 to you Kylie-rose!

    1. Thank-you my friend.

      sending love right back to you xoxo