Thursday, 19 July 2012

Week two: self nurturing

I view self nurturing in the same context as self care and self soothing.  These acts of love for oneself are so important because the more you nurture who you really are and do what makes you really come alive, the less power an ED will have.  
Nurture your mind by thinking good and positive thoughts and challenging/replacing any negative ones.
Nurture your body by eating healthy foods, drinking water, getting plenty of sleep and rest.
Nurture your social world by associating predominately with those who inspire and bring the best out in you.
Nurture your spiritual self with music, literature, religion or what ever resonates with your heart and soul.
Above all, love and deem youself worthy of all these things... because you are!

1 comment:

  1. That last part - the worthy part - is the hardest to accomplish! It seems though, by reading everyone's posts, that once you get to that stage in recovery, the nurturing fits in a lot more comfortably.
    (And of course, I love the quote!) <3