Saturday, 28 July 2012

Week 4: powers of the self

While brainstorming how I was going to address this topic it became apparent to me that my knowledge of the powers of self (self-acceptance, worth, love respect, belief) relates primarily to the loss and slow regain of these things as opposed to being in a place now in both myself and my life where I carry all these features effortlessly. I do love and accept myself much more than I used to but I am still  a work in progress.  
Not to sound like an advocate of 'The Secret' but the beliefs you have about yourself and the consequent thoughts that follow create your reality and therefore have unparallel power. Changing your life, be it recovering from an eating disorder or resolving any other dilemma, starts and ends with your own beliefs about yourself and and the inherent power that is always behind these beliefs.

I  have always been  a very sensitive person and used to take so many things to heart and wear them as part of my identity. A  major turning point and a taking back  of personal power moment  for me was accepting no ones definition of myself but my own and learning that other people’s approval or disapproval mean nothing in comparison to the the value I place upon myself. When you feel right with who you are everything changes for the better... guaranteed.


  1. I look forward to experiencing your guarantee :) Interesting statement - "wear them as part of your identity." Put words to what I actually do... off to think! xx

  2. accept no-ones definition of your life.....x