Monday, 23 July 2012

Week 3: self empowerment

Being true to yourself and speaking and living your truth is so invaluable. It cuts the chains and frees you. Perhaps the reason why eating disorders come to pass is that we deny ourselves this privilege, I know for me personally this was certainly the case on many occasions. It then becomes a very empowering experience to use your voice after some time of not being able to and saying "I am here and I matter."

Overcoming an ED is an incredibly empowering experience overall. You begin to think to yourself that if you can recover from such a serious and harrowing illness you can pretty much do and handle anything that the world may throw at you in the future.  Being at the bottom means that the only way you have left is 'up'.

Always hold onto what motivates you most and  remind yourself that you CAN recover and that there is life on the other side of it all and it is beautiful. 

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