Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Week 1: self care & self soothing

Throughout my recovery I have practised self care by knowing my triggers and preventing relapse as much as possible.  Just as I am aware of my triggers and the signs of  a possible relapse,  I have also learnt how to self soothe myself during these troublesome times by:

Reading a good book.
Talking things through with friends.
Taking a big luxurious bubble bath.
A good old-fashioned cry.
Watching my favourite movies.

Reminding myself that it all is only 'temporary'.

Cuddling Odie the kitty cat.

Listening to Mariah.
                     Reading affirmations.
                  Walking along the beach.
  Treating myself to a pedicure/manicure at the local salon.

I am happy to say that I haven't had a serious relapse in at least five years now. I no longer run on autopilot as much with what an ED wants and  have learnt how to best  manage myself.  It is so important to find what works best for you because it is in the act of healthy self care and soothing that recovery can transpire and continue .


  1. Angel I loved your list for self care - especially allowing yourself to cry. I think so often we see the negative in that when really its that natural release that we really need. xxx

  2. This list is so positive, I can learn a lot from this :)

  3. Me too - I think it's actually quite lovely that you included crying in there. As Tracey said, sometimes we see that as a negative thing when it really isn't - it's just a form of release.

    So inspiring to see so many people working so hard on their recovery...I already love this little community! x

  4. 5 years... that is so great! such an inspiration that recovery IS possible!

    ps- i listen to mariah too when i need comfort. i have loved her since i was 11 years old ; )

  5. I can not wait to be able to say one year of recovery, much less five - such an accomplishment!