Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I know it is only a passing thing but today I have felt rather hopeless. It frightens me when I feel this way because I don’t often do anymore.  
I brought this picture (below) a little while ago based on Henry Ford’s famous quote Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right."
As you can see by my face in this photograph I’ve been struggling with Mr Ford’s concept today.
I think I just need some sleep and tomorrow will be better.
Tomorrow always is J


  1. Or as I like to tell my students - you can choose to start your day over at any moment. If only I could take my own advice! xoxo

  2. ((hugs))

    days like this are not fun, but i know it will get better. just keep pushing forward, and i am here to talk if you need.

    1. Thanks Jenn. You are a sweetheart. I just don't like these kinds of days. The positive thing about it all however is that is usually only 'one day'of struggle and not months like it used to be. Thank-you again my friend. xo

  3. I can't seem to "follow" you so I am relying on random checks here.

    I know how hard it is to feel like crap when you have worked so hard to be recovered.
    Oh darling, I do.

    I am here.
    I don't know what words to comfort you with other than you are not alone.
    I am battling through right now, and I want you to know you can email me or anything.
    I always have time for you, always <3