Thursday, 7 June 2012

First paycheck

Upon graduating I somewhat naively thought that I would walk into a fabulous new job. It has proved to be somewhat of a struggle. But I am optimistic and persistent. I cannot wait until I have some money to live a bit as a life as a uni student has been one based on restriction. I have already decided to spend my first paycheck on shoes. Some friends spend money on mortgages or their children, my priorities are only shoes...hehe!


  1. i love shoes! perfect choice ; )
    what kind of job are you hoping to get?
    good luck in the search ; )

    1. Thanks Jenn. I am hoping to get something in the field of psychology/youth work. Thanks for your support as always xo

  2. Good luck job searching! What job are you hoping for?
    I love your plan!
    I think you need to spend your first pay check on treating yourself!
    You truly deserve it Ox

    1. Hi sweet Ali, thank-you honey. Yes shoes are a great treat.
      Hope you are going ok, stay strong xoxo

  3. The job hunt, is a nightmare!
    I have been trying since October.
    It is bad here in the UK>
    I truly hope you can find work and that you can be appreciated for all you are and all you do <3