Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day #28: Reality check!

There is nothing glamorous about an eating disorder if it kills you. The fact is if you don't do anything about it, it enviably will - slowly and painfully so.
Reality is when you feel pain in your chest from irregular heart rhythms or possible heart failure. Reality is when you collapse on a train or when all your hair falls out. Reality is when you realise you may never be able to have children or develop severe osteoporosis in later life. This is what happens with EDs and no one is exempt from these affects, not you and certainly not I.
I am in pretty good physical shape today. My hair has grown back, I can have children and my heart beats normally.The only concern I have currently is that I have poor circulation where I REALLY feel the cold. I can often wear winter jackets inside the house and look like an  Eskimo  living in Australia. But if that is the worse of the long-term physical affects I am happy and lucky. Reality is it could have have been a much more graver outcome.

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