Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day #26: ED activist/survivor/ sufferer book review

My favourite reading material in the ENTIRE world is the Girlosophy book series written by author and photographer Anthea Paul.  The books are not strictly ED related in their context but they are certainly empowering and humbling to read.

Girlosophy contain exquisite photographs of 'real' people and equally as beautiful words of wisdom relating to all matters spiritual in nature with a particular focus (for me anyway) on self-love and embracing your individuality.  The books were that helpful  to me that I used to photocopy some of the pages and decorate them with stickers before sticking them all around my bedroom.  A few years ago I was very blessed  to meet Anthea Paul at one of her speaking events.

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  1. i have never read this! i am a book junkie too! : ) i think i am going to have to read it now!