Thursday, 3 November 2011

I made this picture 9 years ago and it has travelled with me everywhere since. I remember staring at it on my wall when I was my most sickest and it reminds me of that time when death was a very real possiblity and just how far I have come since. It can be really easy to get frustrated and sad when recovery doesn't run all that smoothly and your own set of wings aren't that easy to come by. But I think it is helpful to connect with the worst of times to put today into perspective, to stop for a second and say to yourself "I am doing really well and atleast I am not there anymore, I am here and I am alive."

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  1. hey girly ; )

    i am glad that you are back and writing on here again - it always brings me an extra dose of inspiration when you post thoughts, pictures, and the words you honestly put to the paper.

    you already have your wings, and now you are learning how to use them and how to fly ;)