Sunday, 13 November 2011

High school reunion - no place for the bullied?

Going to my high school reunion in a week’s time and pretending that I was never almost bullied to my early grave is not where I exist today – it doesn’t fit with the recovered me.

It doesn’t fit with all the nights between 7th grade to 11th grade where I cried myself to sleep after being tormented, alienated and excluded.

It doesn’t fit with the 5-year litigation I endured with the school and it's failure to intervene once I came of age and knew better.

Too many times people say: "It was school, kids are kids."

But bullying is serious and it can have a devastating impact.

I cannot escape the reality of what happened to me, but the blessing of being an adult is that this time around I now have the choice of not putting myself in the same place as the people who made me feel bad about myself every single day as a teenager.

It saddens me that I feel so conflicted about my own high school reunion but not as much as it upsets me to fully comprehend the amount of young people who are no longer here to have the same choice I do now of skipping a reunion because they felt they had no other way out of bullying but to take their own lives.

I feel I owe these people who no longer have a voice to say:

Bullying is never ok. Don't tease, exclude or hurt others. Just don't do it to anyone.


  1. proud of you ; ) you are strong, and everything you have gone through has made you even stronger. you can be the voice for others who have walked the same path you have. you can heal, and you can help others who need your experiences to help them heal too ; )

  2. I am SO SO proud of you, even though this is my first time i read your blog. I am glad i found it. I have been bullied during my H.S years, and now i am still truggling too much, even though i am an adult. And I have an ED. so i can relate to you, and i feel we have something in commmon. I think you are a strong person, who wants to live a happy life!!

  3. Thank-you darling Jenn xo

    Hi Hiba,
    I could not find your blog (if you have one)but thank-you for your kind words! It does sound like we do have many things in common and I am so sorry that you experienced bullying and also an ED. I promise you healing from these things gets easier in time - and you will get there. Much love to you. Please keep in touch if you can xoxo