Friday, 5 August 2011

Kylie's Recovery Tips

1. Be patient, gentle and kind to yourself. Recovery can be a tough journey with many bumps in the road. Healing is not an overnight process and one step at a time is all that is possible and needed.

2. Educate yourself about eating disorders. You will feel empowered if you equip yourself with accurate knowledge of what you are experiencing. You are the greatest expert of yourself, so ask what, how, and why so you can be armed with all you need to get well.

3. Separate the eating disorder from yourself. Learn to challenge and master its tricks and distortions which is fundamental to beating it.

4. Listen to your intuition and honor yourself. Self-hatred and rejection is at the center of an Eating Disorder, therefore recovery requires a large dose of self-love. Respect yourself by listening to your needs, as well as being open and accepting of your feelings.

5. Immerse yourself in your favorite pastimes. Spoil yourself, read a book, write in journal, have a creative outlet, learn a new language, sit in the sunshine or volunteer. Whatever you like the most, do it!

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  1. I love these! ;)

    I wrote them down and posted them on my mirror so I can try to incorportate them into my daily life. Thanks for sharing this ;)