Monday, 4 July 2011

The ED’s voice can seem so convincing can’t it?

I am using my eyes when I am looking in the mirror and I can see myself clearly for what I really am: fat and ugly.

I see and feel this so it must be true?

As it turns out my thoughts and eyes are distorted by an eating disorder.

Until I know recognize this I will continue to believe the voice and what it tells me.

Until I begin to protest against this it will continue to control me.

But I am stronger and I am cleverer now.

FEELING fat doesn’t mean it’s REAL! FEELING fat doesn’t make it FACT I scream!

I alter my self-hatred to loathing the ED with an almighty passion instead.

I resolve myself to the fact that it has no place either in me or my life anymore.

I fight it and I never stop.

Until eventually I win.

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